First Time Visitor?



  1. First, you’ll be greeted warmly by people as you enter and you will receive a bulletin that has our order of worship as well as news and announcements pertinent to the church
  2. If you come for Sunday School at 9:30, you will hear a careful study through a book of the Bible, or a theological study through a topic of interest. Discussion is encouraged!
  3. At 10:30, worship begins with announcements and a time of silent prayer
  4. Worship at Emmanuel Reformed Church is “traditional,” which means we sing older, more well-established hymns. We believe our songs should reflect and teach our theology. There is no substitute for the time-tested songs that reinforce our deeply held theological beliefs
  5. Throughout our worship service, there will be singing, times of prayer, reading of Scripture, and corporate confession of faith. We call these things elements of worship. We believe that our worship of God incorporates all of these things
  6. The central focus of our worship is the preaching of God’s word. At ERC, you will hear a sermon on a text from the Bible that aims to tell you what the text says, what the text means, and why it’s important for your life
  7. Children are welcome to stay with their families during the worship service. We believe that worship is a family activity. We do have a “cry” room for parents to care for their infant children
  8. There is no formal dress code at Emmanuel Reformed Church. Some people come in their “Sunday best,” others dress in a more casual manner. Either way, you’re welcome at Emmanuel Reformed Church.